The formation of the International Centre for the Prevention and Prosecution of Genocide (ICPPG) in London was initiated by TGTE. The International Centre shall however operate as an independent body, serving all people who have been affected by or threatened with genocide. Its immediate focus shall remain the genocide that occurred in Sri Lanka.

The first task that the Committee of the Centre has set itself is to collect evidence regarding the commission of genocide of the Tamils in Sri Lanka from the time of the independence of Sri Lanka from colonial rule.

We do not want to duplicate the work that has already been done by other Tamil groups in London and in various parts of the world. We ask for your cooperation so that we could share the efforts that have already been made in connection with the collection of evidence so that it could be presented to any committee of inquiry or court, including the committee of the UNHCR.

The Centre will concentrate on three principal tasks:

(i) It will gather evidence of genocide that has occurred and threats of such genocide in any part of the world. The primary focus of the Centre shall be the accountability of those who committed genocide against the Tamils in Sri Lanka. We gather evidence from persons as to such genocide. Expertise in the gathering of such evidence, obtained in the light of the experience of the Tamil genocide shall be made available to all other people threatened with genocide.

(ii) It shall gather information as to the techniques of prosecution before the different courts and tribunals of the world and disseminate information to all peoples about such techniques.

(iii) It shall research the law on genocide. It will seek to creatively develop the law so that it would provide deterrence to the future possibility of genocide by ensuring the accountability of those who had committed genocide in the past. A main focus will be the protection of women, childrenand elderly affected by such genocides.

We call upon you to join to work with us to bring the Perforators of Sri Lankan Genocide to ICC, ICJ or any Internationally Setup tribunal. We need more than 100,000 witnesses who are personally affected by the genocide from 1948 to till now! Please come forward and give us your testimony for the prosecution in near future.

We look forward to your cooperation in our project as it furthers the common aim of serving our people.

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"Nations cannot be saved and must not be saved as an afterthought or from considerations of cost-benefit. Unless the moral fire burns within us, the lessons of the Holocaust will never be learned."
Reuven Rivlin
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Elie Wiesel
I say to all those leaders, do not look the other way. Do not hesitate... It is within your power to avoid a genocide of humanity.
Nelson Mandela

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